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Single Anise Tutone - Tutone

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Product description

Anise Unico Tutone

Anice Unico Tutone is a well-known artisanal Sicilian liqueur, one of the best typical Sicilian bitters.

Anice Unico Tutone is a product based on mixed anise flavored with parts of cumin.

The name derives from the surname of the brothers from Palermo who made the first bottle in 1813. Tutone is today a historic brand of Sicilian liqueur recognized throughout the world!

The secret of its success is the genuine ingredients :

Anice Unico Tutone is obtained through a small quantity of wine spirit with cumin and anethole essence and the distillation of star anise seeds.

The type of distillation of Anise Unico Tutone is secret!

The company has kept the formula for generations: it is a family recipe from 1813 , written on a jealously guarded piece of paper.

An ancient and current flavor at the same time. “Water and zammù first me and then you” , the people of Palermo once said in front of the spirits, to maintain the order of the customers who crowded in front of the kiosks scattered around the city every day.

The word, derived from elderberry, the aniseed-based liqueur, later transformed into zambuco and affectionately abbreviated to zammù.


  • Alcohol content : 60°
  • Format: 20 cl and 35 cl
  • Use: It can be added in a few drops to fresh water. It is also used as the main ingredient in some fruit cocktails, in certain typical Sicilian pastries and desserts and in coffee.
  • Properties: Unico Tutone Anise has refreshing, stimulating and digestive properties which make it an excellent end to a meal. A few drops in fresh water are enough to create a drink rich in energy, extremely thirst-quenching and stimulating.
  • Pairing: Perfect to sip at the end of a meal, it is ideal with traditional Sicilian desserts,typical Sicilian biscuits and Modica PGI chocolate .

Not just Coca Cola: Tutone Anise and the Secret Recipe

Undoubtedly, we shouldn't just focus on Coca Cola!

In Italian lands, particularly in Sicily, another elixir stands out which has jealously hidden a mystery for more than two centuries: TUTONE ANICE!

The particular art of distilling Anice Unico Tutone is shrouded in a veil of secrecy!

For generations, the Tutone family has zealously protected this enigma, preserving a recipe that has its roots back in 1813 , written down on a precious slip of paper.

The Tutone family ran a restaurant that had an irresistible appeal to the Palermo aristocracy, establishing itself as the most prestigious in the city until 1892.

It was a privileged place where carriages could stop and customers could enjoy a glass of water and anise, known by the name of zammù .

In 1892, the recipe underwent a reformulation process, including anethole , an oil extracted from star anise, imported directly from China and still the main focus of the preparation today.

However, the full formulation of the recipe was never revealed.


The origins of the Tutone company date back to 1813, when in Palermo in Piazza Fieravecchia, now Piazza Revolution, the famous Anice Unico (Zammù) was prepared in the family grocery store according to the secret recipe jealously guarded for six generations.

In 1979, again with family capital, the SpA was established

In addition to the management and company policies, aimed at expanding the range of spirits and liqueurs, the family directly deals with the preparation and marketing of the products.

The museum

If you are passing through Palermo, the "Tutone Dinamico Museum" is an extraordinary stop for those who love UNIQUE ANISE .

Here, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a historical-cultural context whose roots are deeply intertwined in the entrepreneurial fabric of Palermo.

An experience that goes beyond just the cultural aspect, also involving the senses of sight and taste.

Upon completion of the museum tour, visitors will have the opportunity to taste the "UNICO ANICE", the distillate that has refreshed generations over decades and centuries!

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Single Anise Tutone - Tutone

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