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Buy the best typical Sicilian sauces and pestos online here.

Traditional artisanal ready-made sauces based on fish, Sicilian tomato, meat or vegetables.

Buy the best Sicilian ready-made sauces for sale online on Emporio Sicilia.

Sicilian artisanal tomato sauces produced only with local and genuine ingredients and according to traditional recipes.

ONLY with 100% Made in Sicily tomatoes.

Sauces from the best artisanal producers, only 100% Sicilian: Sicilia naturally , Libera Terra , Tudia , Etnafrutti , Gio.NI , Campo d'Oro , Villa Reale Supreme.

All'arrabbiata, with basil, with norm, with Palermo, with Catania, with peppers, with capers and olives, with cherry or chopped tomatoes...

Season your pasta dishes with our typical Sicilian sauces!

Buy fine Sicilian pestos for sale online at the best price here.

For your pasta, the best traditional Sicilian seasonings: try the Trapani-style pesto, the Catania-style pesto and the Sicilian-style pesto.

Pestos prepared only with genuine ingredients from the Sicilian territories, using artisanal methods, according to tradition.

Only 100% natural and highly prized ingredients, carefully selected for our pestos:

100% DOP Bronte pistachio, wild fennel, Sicilian capers, basil, olives, Sicilian almonds, Avola almonds, Nubia red garlic...

Artisanal production from selected farms: Alicos , Antica Sicilia , Tudia , Campo d'Oro , Le Tre Castagne dell'Etna , Oro d'Etna , Etnafrutti , Bacco !

Buy the best Sicilian pistachio pesto online here.

Typical Sicilian products with genuine ingredients and some even organic at the best price.

We ship throughout Italy and abroad.