We have selected for you the best products and artisans from all over Sicily, from Palermo to Syracuse, from Trapani to Catania.

Our producers represent the best of the tradition and land and sea cuisine of Sicily, working with love and passion and making their products according to tradition and only with artisanal methods.

We love our land and we want to celebrate it together with you .

Traditional Sicilian cuisine is known throughout the world for its incredible variety , for its unique flavors and aromas and for the undisputed quality of its raw materials .

Sicily has a culinary history that has its roots in antiquity , in the historical, cultural and religious events that have taken place over thousands of years on the island, a history handed down with care from generation to generation , right down to our grandmothers, our mothers , to us, and tomorrow to our children and grandchildren.

Our goal is precisely this: to preserve traditions.

Emporio Sicilia wants to showcase the masters and protagonists of these excellences.

Our Mission is to preserve the values ​​of the past, craftsmanship, the creation of a product with care and love, respect for the environment and nature.

Fill your pantry with our products and help us achieve our Mission.

Discover our exceptional producers and try true Sicilian specialties. Happy shopping!