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Vacuum Packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga - Adelfio

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Product description

Vacuum-packed Yellowfin tuna bottarga, yellowfin tuna quality, also known as " Mediterranean caviar ", vacuum-packed to preserve its aroma.

Vacuum-packed Yellowfin tuna roe processed in Marzamemi according to the ancient recipes of the Marzamemi tonnara. Handmade by Adelfio . Product of Sicily.

Our highly prized Vacuum Packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga can be eaten plain, in very thin slices, seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice, which tends to dampen the salty taste of the dish.

Grated, vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga becomes the ideal condiment for first courses, especially for the preparation of "SPAGHETTI WITH TUNA BOTTARGA", a must in Sicilian cuisine.


FAO ZONE : 061

Ingredients: Tuna roe, sea salt.

Format: 100g

Vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga

Vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga , yellowfin tuna quality, is a typical delicacy of the Mediterranean Sea.

The vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga is a product of great value, handcrafted by extracting the eggs of the female tuna by hand and following a rigid process handed down from generation to generation.

Linked to tradition, we select only the best tuna to create a bottarga with a unique taste and according to the natural method.

The " Mediterranean Caviar" we produce comes from a classic process that respects the territory and the directives of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas.

Vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga has a strong flavor that goes well with various dishes.

From a nutritional point of view, vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga is a food particularly rich in good fats and proteins , but the high sodium content always requires rational use.

Curiosity: Why is it called “Bottarga”?

The name of our “ Bottarga ” comes from the Arabic term “ buttarikh ” which means salted fish roe.

The origin of the product seems to have been Phoenician, but the term derives from the Arabic baṭāriḫ (بطارخ) ("salted fish roe"), linking the word to a root which would therefore have acquired the meaning of "preserve in salt", which it is a valuable food.

The Artisan Processing of Vacuum-Packed Bluefin Tuna Bottarga:

Vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga, also known as "Mediterranean caviar", is obtained from the tuna ovary sac.

The processing technique of vacuum -packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga (tuna roe) consists in being pressed, salted and dried very slowly, in full protection of the species. Vacuum- packed to preserve its aroma.

From a nutritional point of view, vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga is a food particularly rich in good fats and proteins , but the high sodium content always requires rational use.


  • Mediterranean yellowfin tuna roe

  • Sustainable Fishing 100%

  • 100% Artisan Processing

  • Coming from Fish exclusively caught in the Mediterranean

  • Preservative free

  • Without dyes

  • Without aromas

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Color : Light pink

  • Conservation : in vacuum bag with 18 months of expiration and (over)

  • Conservation method : After opening, store in the fridge wrapped in domopak paper

  • Production plant : Franco Adelfio di Adelfio Gaetano – via Marzamemi 7 – 96018 Marzamemi (SR) IT 915 CE

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g. of product:

  • Energy value

KJ 1026

  • Energy value

245 calories

  • Total fat substances


  • Saturated fats


  • total carbohydrates


  • Sugars


  • Protein


  • Fiber


  • salt


Usage tips:

Our Vacuum Packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga can be very well consumed naturally, to be able to savor all its essence .

A tip to better enjoy this highly prized natural raw material:

cut the Vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga into very thin slices and dress it with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, which will tend to dampen the salty taste of the dish.

For an excellent appetizer with our Vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga you can:

cut the Vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga into thin slices, dress it with oil and serve it with croutons, combining a slice of lemon or Mediterranean flavors such as chopped pistachios, to give it a gourmet touch!

While, if used grated , you can season a plate of spaghetti , sautéed with simple garlic, oil and grated lemon.

simply fantastic if you try it with a quality pasta, especially if Sicilian:

Try our Vacuum-packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga with our 100% Sicilian Spaghetti or our 100% Sicilian Linguine !

Enjoy your meal!

Adelfio : The Tradition of Sicilian Fish Craftsmanship

Adelfio certainly represents the latest example of fish craftsmanship in south-eastern Sicily: far from the logic of pushed commercialization, attached to traditions, faithful to the ancient processing systems.

At Adelfio you can still breathe authentic Sicily. You can recognize the frank and simple sailors among thousands, and you can see with your own eyes how the fish is worked, in absolute transparency.

At Adelfio's it is like taking a journey through the history of flavours.

Vacuum-packed Yellowfin tuna bottarga for sale online at our shop

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However, let's remember that all the other products are available... and delicious! Thank you.

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Vacuum Packed Yellowfin Tuna Bottarga - Adelfio


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