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Extra Apricot Bio - F. Lli Perricone Jam

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Product description

Bio Apricot Extra Jam

Ingredients: Apricots 69%, brown sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent: Pectin. Fruit used 98g per 100 gr of product.

Format: 220g

Discover the quintessence of sweetness with our Bio Apricot Extra Jam , A masterpiece created by the careful selection of fresh and fragrant organic apricots. The Perricone brothers, custodians of the Sicilian tradition, work each fruit by hand to bring the authentic flavor of Sicilian apricots to your table.

🌳 Organic Apricots in Pezzettoni 🌳

We choose only the most ripe and juicy organic apricots, working them by hand in small pieces to preserve their freshness and texture. Every spoonful of this Bio Apricot Extra Jam Tells the story of the Sicilian lands, giving a unique sensory experience.

🍑 More than 65% of Fruit: Pure Sweetness 🍑

Our Bio Apricot Extra Jam Is a celebration of apricots, with more than 65% fruit in each jar. The firm yellow color and full-bodied texture are the result of an artisan process that enhances the goodness of Sicilian apricots.

🌿 Rich in Perfumes and Aromas 🌿

Let yourself be enveloped by the intense fragrance of the Apricots Just collected. This jam is a hymn to the authentic scents of Sicily, Transforming every moment into an opportunity to delight the palate.

🥐 For Unforgettable breakfasts and sweet treats 🥐

Push this jam on a slice of fresh bread or use it to enrich tarts and homemade biscuits. Its versatility also makes it perfect to accompany cheeses and desserts, creating unique combinations.

F.lli Perricone:

In the province of Palermo, inside the Parco dei Monti Sicani, as early as 1800 Perricone Michele led land in the current Contessa Entellina, Bisacquino and Chiusa Sclafani producing oil, wheat, tomato, cherries, almonds and wine.

The company was subsequently run by grandfather Nicola, in the period 1935 - 1985, and Peppino, our father until 2010. The company produces, transforms, packages and markets the products of the Mediterranean Diet, offering customers a feeling of rediscovery of the values, tastes and ancient flavors of the territory, a summary of a historical and culinary tradition that begins since the eighth century BC, with the happened of the Sicani in Sicily.

History, food and civilization have been and will be at the center of a path of cultural growth. Our mission is to propose typical products that bring out the peculiarities and sensations that wake up rivers of "childish" memories.

Shop our Bio Apricot Extra Jam on And give a unique taste to your palate!

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Extra Apricot Bio - F. Lli Perricone Jam


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