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Organic Sicilian Etna Apple Extra Jam - Red Roots

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Product description

Organic Sicilian Etna Apple Extra Jam

Organic and natural Sicilian Etna Apple Extra Jam made with only fruit, carefully prepared in full respect of the Mediterranean tradition, to rediscover that full and genuine taste of jams made as they once were!


Ingredients: Etna apples*, cane sugar*.
*from organic farming.

Format: 240 g

How to use: The Organic Sicilian Etna Extra Sicilian Apple Jam can simply be spread on slices of bread or biscuits but it is also excellent for the preparation of cakes, tarts and biscuits.

The Properties of Etna Apples

The natural (untreated) Etna apple from our Organic Sicilian Apricot Extra Jam is very sweet and fragrant.

The Etna cola apple tree is very vigorous and productive, the fruits are small and green or red when harvested.

It can be green or red pigmented. It is a fruit rich in vitamin C with refreshing, thirst-quenching and diuretic properties.

The cultivation of apples is enhanced by the favorable climate on the slopes of the volcano due to the high altitude of the crops, from 1100 to 1300m.

The further up you go towards the volcano, the more the characteristics of the fruit, colour, flavour, aroma and consistency of the pulp improve.

The increase in polyphenols and flavonoids is favored by the action of ultraviolet rays which brings particular healthy properties to the fruit. It is a fruit that is harvested between October and November and is preserved until March-April.

With white, sweet, acidic, juicy and lightly scented pulp, the natural Etna apple is rich in fibre, "simple" sugars and organic acids. Natural apples can be used in kitchens for many uses, from the classic cake to an excellent smoothie with organic carrots from Ispica. Furthermore, being rich in simple sugars , Etna apples are considered an excellent fruit for athletes and for those suffering from diabetes.

By purchasing our natural untreated Etna apples online you will not have to give up the pleasure and freshness of freshly picked fruit!


Cultivation takes place in a traditional way. Being a native variety of Etna, with a high degree of rusticity, it is resistant to scab and codling moth, the so-called apple worm. It is very suitable for cultivation with organic and integrated methods. The harvest is manual with fruits that are not fully ripe during the month of October


Cola , so called because in the past they were grown in land near the convent dedicated to San Nicola, are characterized by a rounded cylindrical shape and a short and rather thick peduncle; the peel is yellow and the pulp white.

Ancient Etna Apples: a SlowFood Presidium

In the agricultural lands on the slopes of Etna, within what is now a Natural Park, apples, pears and cherries were once cultivated in intercropping with each other and with other plants typical of the Mediterranean mountainous areas.

The farmers diversified the cultivation of the ancient fruits they themselves selected on the mountain, starting with the harvesting of cherries, continuing with pears and finishing with apples.

Precisely the ancient varieties of apple trees represented the strongest and most rooted pomological biodiversity of Etna until the 1970s, with around twenty more or less widespread varieties.

The most popular have always been four: cola, white and freckled with a slightly acidic flavour, the best known, whose name seems linked to the first plants that were located near the convent of San Nicola in Nicolosi; ice cream, very sweet and straw-coloured; cola ice cream, with intermediate characteristics between the first two, almost simulating a genetic mix; and finally the cirino (today very rare), a small apple with a cerulean skin and widespread reddish veins.

Starting from those years, the ancient varieties were progressively replaced by Golden and Red Delicious, much more productive and appreciated by the market of that time.

Over the years, the introduction of new varieties has been increasingly insistent, especially with international cultivars.

Furthermore, the Etna area has also been involved in the general crisis of European apple growing with a progressive reduction in the importance of the sector.

Today only a few growers continue to preserve the ancient varieties of Etna apples, growing them dry and respecting the territory, between 800 and 1500 meters above sea level, in the Etna Park.

Production does not exceed a few hundred quintals and is almost entirely sold in local markets.

This is why our Organic Sicilian Etna Apple Extra Jam is so special. a unique and rare product, to be preserved!


Red Roots.

Our name is dedicated to the land of Sicily, to the love of this volcanic territory, rich in wonders and extraordinary nature.

And it is precisely from this sunny island and the fertility of its soil that the fruit used in our organic, natural jams and marmalades comes.

Sicily has always been the cradle of peoples, history, traditions and contamination of culinary cultures that have enriched the Sicilian gastronomic heritage, making it unique in the world.

We want to make everyone aware of the generosity of this land which is expressed with a thousand flavors and aromas and to share with your table that refined and exclusive taste of typical things done well and with love.

Almost all our products are BIO, ICEA certified
(Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification)
made with simple ingredients from organic farming,
environmentally friendly, better, tastier, more natural.
All our jams and extra jams
exclude the use of:

• Pectin (only that naturally contained in fruit is present)
• GMOs – colors – preservatives – flavors and gluten derivatives.

Organic Sicilian Etna Apple Extra Jam for sale online on our shop

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Organic Sicilian Etna Apple Extra Jam - Red Roots


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