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Top Quality Sicilian Blonde Navel Oranges - Free Shipping - Iblagrumi

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Top Quality Sicilian Blonde Navel Oranges


Your Orange Crate will arrive directly from the producer's field to your home, to maintain the freshness of the product!

From today Emporio Sicilia will ship Top Quality Sicilian Blonde Navel Oranges to your home for FREE if you order only the Oranges!

Sicilian Blonde Navel Oranges , also commonly called navel oranges, are a particular type of orange with blond pulp , whose flavor is uniquely sweet.

Inside the Sicilian Blonde Navel Oranges it is possible to find another small orange, which makes them seedless and therefore suitable primarily for children for a sweet juice or to eat in segments.

Sicilian Blonde Navel Oranges are not distinguished by a particular color, but their skin can vary from delicate yellow to intense orange depending on the degree of ripeness of the fruit.

Furthermore, Sicilian Blonde Navel Oranges are characterized by a medium/fine grained peel (between 5 and 6.5 cm) which makes them perfect for decorating desserts or flavoring dishes of any course.

Top Quality Navel Oranges

the term " Top Quality" indicates a superior level of quality and selection in the case of navel oranges.

  1. Selection and Grade:

    • Standard Navel oranges may represent a generic variety of Navel oranges, while Top Quality Navel oranges indicate more rigorous selection and superior quality. Choices from the best lots based on criteria such as size, appearance, sweetness and flavor.
  2. Maturation and Freshness:

    • Top Quality Navel oranges can be harvested at a specific time during the ripening process to ensure maximum freshness and optimal flavor.
  3. Cultivation Processes:

    • Advanced agricultural practices can be applied to ensure the superior quality of Top Quality Navel oranges, such as the use of natural fertilizers or specific cultivation techniques.
  4. Packaging and Presentation:

    • Top Quality Navel oranges can be presented in more refined packaging or with labels that highlight their superior quality.
  5. Intended use:

    • Standard navel oranges can be used for different applications, while top quality navels can be promoted for more exclusive consumption, for example as high-quality table fruit.
  6. Price:

    • Top Quality Navel oranges are in fact offered at a slightly higher price than standard Navel oranges due to their superior quality.

Blonde Navel Oranges from Sicily: An Authentic Taste at Your Home

Sicilian Bionde Navel oranges represent an authentic citrus delight, bringing the distinctive flavor and aroma of the Sicilian lands directly into your home.

But what makes these oranges so special?

Navel oranges are a variety characterized by the typical "navel" or navel that develops on the lower part of the fruit.

This unusual characteristic makes them easily recognizable and distinguishes them for their unique and sweet taste.

Coming from the fertile lands of Sicily, Bionde Navel oranges enjoy an ideal Mediterranean climate which helps to develop their rich flavor and intense sweetness.

The volcanic soil of the island gives them a distinctive note, transforming every bite into an extraordinary tasting experience.

Sicilian Blonde Navel oranges are an authentic delight, also ideal for the preparation of fresh and nutritious juices. Their juicy consistency and fragrant aroma make them perfect for extractions, guaranteeing a drink rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Health benefits

In addition to their irresistible taste, Blonde Navel oranges offer numerous health benefits.

Rich in vitamin C , they contribute to strengthening the immune system and promoting healthy skin.

Additionally, they are a natural source of antioxidants that help counteract damage caused by free radicals in the body.

Bring the authenticity of Navel Bionde di Sicilia oranges into your home and delight your palate with the freshness and quality of 100% Sicilian oranges.

A unique citrus experience that brings you closer to the wonders of Sicily with every juicy bite.

Sicilian Blonde Navel oranges are versatile and can be appreciated both as a table fruit and for juicing. However, there are some notable differences between the two modes of consumption.

Iblagrumi, Oranges 100% Made in Sicily

Iblagrumi was born on the slopes of Etna, in the Simeto valley, between the territories rich in history of the municipalities of Paternò and Centuripe. The geographical position is fundamental and creates the large temperature difference between day and night, which gives the fruits a unique flavor and appearance. The pigmentation of the orange is caused by this particular microclimate, as demonstrated by the PGI mark.

Founded by young entrepreneurs, who, taking up the thousand-year-old tradition of citrus cultivation, have brought innovation to the citrus growing tradition through the use of new techniques that respect the environment and biodiversity.

Proud to offer the selection of the best citrus varieties coming from the nutrient-rich volcanic soil.

We have chosen the tastiest and tastiest citrus fruits to enrich your online shopping experience.

Shipping Times and Information

We are committed to bringing to your home the best taste and freshness that the Sicilian artisan food and wine tradition has to offer!

For this reason, ordinary delivery times, from the moment of notification of shipment, are generally between 7 and 15 working days:

  • In some cases the products are immediately available and ready to leave in a short time and therefore we will proceed with shipping immediately! Shipping within the national territory can also affect the speed.
  • In other cases , to guarantee maximum freshness and quality, the products are made specifically for your order! So, to produce your freshest specialties, it takes its time. International shipping may also affect the speed.

We know that speed is an important factor and for this reason we are committed to processing your orders in the shortest time.

You can follow the progress of your shipment with the no. tracking that will arrive by email a few days after the order, when the package is ready to be shipped to you!

Our staff is always available to provide you with all the information on your order and to ensure that you receive the best of our products in the shortest time possible!

Important information for USA Customers : unfortunately at the moment we CANNOT ship ALCOHOL and FISH IN OIL.

Important information for SWITZERLAND and UK customers: unfortunately we CANNOT ship ALCOHOL at the moment.

However, let's remember that all the other products are available... and delicious! Thank you.

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Top Quality Sicilian Blonde Navel Oranges - Free Shipping - Iblagrumi

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