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Peeled Sicilian Almonds - Emporio Sicilia

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Product description

Peeled Sicilian Almonds

Peeled Sicilian almonds, handcrafted.

You can find real peeled almonds 100% Made in Sicily on!

“15 grams of almonds a day are the elixir of life!”

Almonds are dried fruits of the almond tree (Prunus dulcis) and are known for their oval shape and the characteristic protective skin that surrounds them.


Peeled Sicilian Almonds: An Excellence to Enjoy Without the Shell

Peeled Sicilian Almonds represent an authentic delicacy, with their creamy consistency and rich, enveloping flavour. Here are its distinctive features:

  1. Superior Quality Almonds: The almonds, carefully selected, come from renowned Sicilian cultivations, famous for their superior quality. The Mediterranean climate helps to give almonds a unique and intense flavour.

  2. Artisan peeling: The peeling process is carried out with artisanal skill to guarantee maximum integrity of the almonds. This method preserves their shape, aroma and authentic flavor.

  3. Shellless for Instant Convenience: Peeling removes the shell, giving you ready-to-use almonds. This convenience is ideal for those who want to enjoy the intense flavor of Sicilian almonds without wasting time in preparation.

  4. Wide Culinary Applications: Peeled Sicilian Almonds are a versatile ingredient that lends itself to multiple culinary preparations. You can use them in desserts, savory dishes, sauces or simply as a healthy snack.

  5. Nutritional Richness: These almonds are a source of essential nutrients, including protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Integrating them into your daily diet provides health benefits.

  6. Intense and Distinctive Flavour: Peeling the almonds reveals their rich and characteristic flavour. Add a flavor note to your recipes or enjoy them alone to fully appreciate their goodness.

  7. Ideal for Desserts and Pastries: Peeled Sicilian Almonds are particularly suitable for the preparation of desserts and baked goods. You can enrich cakes, biscuits and chocolates with their soft texture and enveloping flavour.

  8. Practical Packaging: The almonds are conveniently packaged, ready for immediate use. The resealable packaging preserves freshness, ensuring consistent quality.

  9. Healthy Snack: Thanks to the peeling, these almonds are a healthy and tasty snack. Share them with friends and family or enjoy them alone during your break.

Peeled Sicilian Almonds are an authentic culinary delight, representing the best of Sicilian traditions and offering a unique gastronomic experience.

Peeled Sicilian Almonds in the Kitchen: Versatility and Distinctive Taste

Peeled Sicilian Almonds are an extraordinarily versatile ingredient in the kitchen, adding a touch of elegance and distinctive flavor to your preparations. Here are some recommended ways to use them:

  1. Sweet Decorations: Use peeled Sicilian almonds to decorate desserts, cakes and biscuits. Their elegant shape and rich taste are perfect for making any dessert a work of culinary art.

  2. Fine Pastry: Experiment with pastry making, incorporating these almonds into tarts, pastries, and chocolates. Their creamy consistency goes perfectly with creams, chocolate and other delicious ingredients.

  3. Gourmet Salads: Add a crunchy touch to your gourmet salads. Peeled Sicilian Almonds are ideal for mixed salads with fresh fruit, fine cheeses and a light dressing.

  4. Fish Dishes: Experiment with the combination of flavors by putting Peeled Sicilian Almonds in fish dishes. Their sweetness and consistency will enrich sauces and marinades.

  5. Sauces and Pestos: Create aromatic sauces and pestos by enriching them with peeled Sicilian almonds. Add a touch of elegance and enveloping flavor to pasta dishes, risottos or grilled vegetables.

  6. Yogurt and Fruit: Accompany yogurt and fresh fruit with peeled Sicilian almonds for a crunchy touch and extra nutrients. A healthy and delicious addition to your breakfast or snack.

  7. Cocktails and Aperitifs: Chop almonds and add them to cocktails and aperitifs for an elegant touch. They are perfect for accompanying refined drinks.

  8. Ethnic Cuisine: Integrate peeled Sicilian almonds into ethnic recipes, from Moroccan couscous to oriental desserts. Their unique flavor suits a variety of international dishes.

  9. Healthy Snack: Enjoy Peeled Sicilian Almonds as a healthy and tasty snack. Take them with you for a healthy alternative throughout the day.

Experience the versatility and distinctive taste of Peeled Sicilian Almonds in your kitchen, transforming every dish into an extraordinary culinary experience. With their superior quality, they are an essential ingredient for lovers of good food.

Almonds in Sicily: a thousand-year-old cultivation

The history of the cultivation and use of almonds in Sicily is rich and has its roots in ancient times. Here is a short historical story:

Antiquity: Almonds have been cultivated in Sicily since ancient times. The Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans contributed to the development of agriculture on the island, introducing and spreading the cultivation of plants such as olive trees, vines and even almonds.

Arab-Norman: During the Arab-Norman period, which took place between the 8th and 13th centuries, Sicily experienced considerable agricultural development . The Arabs , with their advanced agricultural knowledge, introduced innovative techniques and new crops, including the cultivation of almonds. Almond cultivation flourished, and Sicily became famous for its high-quality almonds.

Currently , almond cultivation is still a significant part of Sicilian agriculture. The region is famous for the quality of its almonds, characterized by an intense flavor and a crunchy texture. Almonds are used in many traditional Sicilian recipes , such as desserts, biscuits, and also in savory dishes. The production of almond oil and other almond-derived products has helped keep this tradition alive.

Furthermore, the Sicilian almond has been recognized with the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) mark , underlining its authenticity and quality, and helping to preserve the rich tradition of Sicilian almonds.


• Intestinal well-being: they are lubricating, emollient, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic;

• They fight cholesterol: they have saturated fats;

• They strengthen bones: they are rich in nutrients capable of increasing the mineral density of bones;

• They counteract anemia: they have a high nutritional value, contain iron and vitamins of groups B and E;

• They slow down aging: they have antioxidant substances capable of counteracting the damage caused
by the formation of free radicals;

• Energizing: they release energy! They are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, group B and E vitamins.
This is why they act as supplements;

• They put you in a good mood: they have antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming them makes you feel good!

Peeled Sicilian Almonds buy 100% real Sicilian almonds online on!

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Peeled Sicilian Almonds - Emporio Sicilia

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