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Chestnut Honey – Mamma Andrea's Peccatucci

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Product description

Chestnut Honey

Chestnut honey, produced by families of nomadic bees and not subjected to "industrial" treatments, so if our honeys sometimes crystallize it is only synonymous with guaranteeing the quality of the product.

Chestnut Honey is prepared only with the highest quality ingredients and is handcrafted.

Chestnut Honey strictly without preservatives, colorings or flavourings. Only 100% natural ingredients. With an intense and incredibly tasty flavour!

Format: 400 g

Our Chestnut Honey is produced by families of nomadic bees and is not subjected to "industrial" treatments that would reduce its organoleptic qualities while keeping it fluid, for this reason ours sometimes crystallize.

So in our Chestnut Honey what may seem like an inconvenience is actually a guarantee of the quality of the product.

Our Chestnut Honey is strictly without preservatives, colorings or flavourings. Only 100% natural ingredients.

What is Chestnut Honey?

Chestnut honey (in English "chestnut honey") is a type of monofloral honey produced by bees that live near chestnut trees and use their flowers in a practically exclusive way.

The chestnut ( Castanea ) is a botanical genus that belongs to the Fagaceae family; the only native European exponent of this group is the C. sativa species (Miller classification).

Unlike chestnuts (typically autumnal), the typical season of Chestnut Honey is predominantly summer, i.e. it corresponds to what is normally defined as the flowering period of the plant. The collection areas are hilly and mountainous.

Chestnut honey is undoubtedly one of the most consumed honeys in Italy and, due to its characteristic taste, it is also one of the best-known and most appreciated local varieties also abroad.

Although it is mainly harvested between June and September (sometimes until October), Chestnut Honey has organoleptic and gustatory characteristics that lend itself to accompanying typically autumnal foods and recipes.

From a nutritional point of view , Chestnut Honey is, like other honeys, an excellent energy source of carbohydrates and contains various antioxidant molecules of plant origin. The concentration of vitamins and minerals is normal for the category. Unpasteurized, chestnut honey may retain some antibacterial properties.

Features :

    • Color and Consistency: Chestnut Honey is dark amber or brown in colour, vaguely translucent and with a fluid but very viscous consistency.
    • Taste : The taste of chestnut honey is sweet with a strong bitter aftertaste; aroma and flavor are strong, woody, of leather and smoke, with typical hints of the perfumes left by the botanical species of origin.
    • Handcrafted
    • 100% natural and quality ingredients
    • 100% Italian honey
    • Preservative free
    • Without dyes
    • Without flavourings
    • min 80% raw materials km. 0
    • Additional notes : Produced by families of nomadic bees, it is not subjected to "industrial" treatments. For this reason, it can sometimes crystallize, to guarantee the quality of the product.

Recommendations for use:

The drinks that lend themselves to being enriched with Chestnut Honey are the more intense ones, for example black tea (long fermented).

Chestnut honey, among the most used to accompany intensely flavored cheeses .

Chestnut honey is particularly appreciated on some pecorino cheeses and, for connoisseurs, on some pit cheeses. However, some consider it so intense and characteristic that it is not easily manageable. For the same reason, it sometimes also makes wine pairing difficult. The presence of hints of wood makes it a good bedfellow for certain oaked but not too dry wines.

With Chestnut Honey you can also produce unique recipes of their kind:

    • A typical example is chestnut cake (or any other dessert produced with the flour of the starchy fruit), which however stands out for a certain redundancy in taste (easily avoidable by inserting transversal flavors such as pumpkin, berries, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, myrtle and even bay berries).
    • The sweet potato gnocchi with gorgonzola, walnuts and chestnut honey are excellent; as well as the ricotta and chestnut pie with pecorino fondue, balsamic reduction and chestnut honey.
    • It is a good ingredient for flavoring game- based recipes.

The incredible beneficial properties of honey

Chestnut honey , but honey in general, is a food whose nutritional and therapeutic use dates back to prehistoric times:

    • Compared to sugar, it has a broad-spectrum nutritional value , and therefore constitutes a food from all points of view. It can be considered a true gift of nature for human nutrition.
    • complete food with highly energizing properties. Contains water and simple sugars such as fructose and glucose.
    • It is rich in acids (citric, malic, succinic, acetic, lactic and butyric), amino acids, enzymes, aromatic substances and finally inhibins, which are antibiotic-like substances.
    • Another characteristic relating to the properties of honey is that its sugars provide ready-to-use energy (thanks to glucose) and reserve energy (thanks to fructose) and have a great sweetening power.
    • Among the characteristics of honey it must be said that it represents an excellent tonic, remineralising, anti-anemic, relaxing (also to improve the quality of sleep), excellent expectorant and cough sedative; it is also able to inhibit the action of some intestinal bacteria that cause diarrhea and colitis, therefore also having therapeutic properties.
    • All types of honey have antibacterial properties . Precisely for this reason they can prove useful for their febrifuge action, in colds and respiratory diseases with catarrh, also given the decongestant effect of the upper respiratory tract. The secret is the presence of hydrogen peroxide (also known as “hydrogen peroxide”) contained in it.

Mamma Andrea's Peccatucci: Synonym of Craftsmanship and Highest Quality


For Mamma Andrea “eating with your eyes” is not just a saying.

In fact, we produce all our boxes directly and dedicate an important part of the packaging phase to the choice of color, graphic and material combinations that can fully enhance the harmony and richness of flavors of each individual product: just look at our delicious as well as beautiful chestnut honey , of which we are proud!


Mamma Andrea is committed to the production of healthier and more natural products, favoring small local companies that work with natural methods following the cycle of the seasons.

More than 80% of the raw materials we use in Chestnut Honey , as well as in all our products, are zero km.


Mamma Andrea preserves and enhances the great Italian artisan tradition.

All our products, such as Chestnut Honey, they are the result of human mastery and experience, which machines will never be able to replace.

Chestnut honey on sale online on our website

Shipping Times and Information

We are committed to bringing to your home the best taste and freshness that the Sicilian artisan food and wine tradition has to offer!

For this reason, ordinary delivery times, from the moment of notification of shipment, are generally between 7 and 15 working days:

  • In some cases the products are immediately available and ready to leave in a short time and therefore we will proceed with shipping immediately! Shipping within the national territory can also affect the speed.
  • In other cases , to guarantee maximum freshness and quality, the products are made specifically for your order! So, to produce your freshest specialties, it takes its time. International shipping may also affect the speed.

We know that speed is an important factor and for this reason we are committed to processing your orders in the shortest time.

You can follow the progress of your shipment with the no. tracking that will arrive by email a few days after the order, when the package is ready to be shipped to you!

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Important information for USA Customers : unfortunately at the moment we CANNOT ship ALCOHOL and FISH IN OIL.

Important information for SWITZERLAND and UK customers: unfortunately we CANNOT ship ALCOHOL at the moment.

However, let's remember that all the other products are available... and delicious! Thank you.

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Chestnut Honey – Mamma Andrea's Peccatucci


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