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Millefiori prevalence Eucalyptus and Timo-White Tower

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Product description

Millefiori prevalence Eucalyptus and Timo

Formats:250g - 400g - 1 kg


TheMillefiori Prevalence Eucalyptus and ThymeIs characterized by the dominant presence of eucalyptus pollen (above 45%) and the accompaniment of thyme (between 15-40%). Some varieties of eucalyptus have autumn flowering, allowing a collection of such a variety of honey in purity.

Beneficial Properties:

Eucalyptus honey contains antioxidant substances that help maintain the body's well-being by reducing free radicals responsible for cellular aging. It is valid in the prevention of degenerative diseases and in cases of inflammatory phenomena. Thyme honey is indicated as a general antiseptic in the lung, intestinal and urinary tract; it is also a stimulant against fatigue, deworming and helps against digestion flatulence.

Aroma and Flavor:

TheMillefiori Prevalence Eucalyptus and ThymeHas a unique taste that combines the distinctive notes of thyme with the freshness of eucalyptus, making it a complex and aromatic honey.


This honey can be associated with aged and tasty cheeses such as Parmesan cheese. It is perfect to accompany the first and second dishes of fish and vegetables. A good match is with strong cinnamon or ginger teas, which are also great in cases of cooling illnesses.

White Tower:

The"Honey White Tower"Was born from the desire on the part of young people to develop an entrepreneurial activity in the Agrigento area, offeringNatural and quality products, With high ethical and ecological standards, made in respect of nature, the territory, and therefore the consumer.

OurExperience was born in 2018With the formation of a farm aimed mainly at beekeeping. We chose in theComitini municipality,Territory with a strong agricultural vocation, a landLapped by a stream in the area of the old sulfur mines with a pre-existing agricultural construction. We have recovered and renovated the dilapidated building, transforming it into an equipped and functional laboratory for theProcessing honey and other hive products..

Bees are bred in the territory of Comitini and Favara, inAreas far from industrial settlements and crops using chemicals. Our bees are mostly ofBlack breed sicula.. With many difficulties, due to the massive presence of other non-native species, we try to introduce and breed this specific variety particularly suited to the climatic and environmental conditions of
Sicilia. We valueQuality of honey from plants typical of the province of Agrigento, such as the wild carrot, dill and on the.
ComesExtract in a natural wayFrom wax honeycombs at room temperature thanks to a slow centrifugation.

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However, let's remember that all the other products are available... and delicious! Thank you.

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Millefiori prevalence Eucalyptus and Timo-White Tower

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