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6 Bottles of Paracleto Dop Red Wine from Sicily - Tenute Cuffaro

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Product description

Paracleto Dop red wine from Sicily

Paracleto Dop Red Wine from Sicily from Tenute Cuffaro, a Petit Verdot wine.

The Paracleto Dop Red Wine from Sicily captures the aromas and flavors of the Ganzaria mountain.

This red wine has the strength and desire of the land of the Erei.

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Packaging : 6 bottles

Format : 0.75 litres


Paracleto DOP red wine from Sicily from Tenute Cuffaro, DOP red wine from Tenuta Chiarelli Cuffaro, located in Contrada Consorto in San Michele di Ganzaria.

The 70-hectare estate of the Sicilian Paracleto Dop Red Wine is located on the edge of a centuries-old forest and hosts vineyards, olive groves, prickly pear groves and cultivations of saffron, pistachios, almond trees, rosemary and thyme.

An open-air paradise in the heart of a fertile territory nourished by the heat of the sun and the colors of uncontaminated nature.


      First courses of pasta, mushrooms, ragù, saffron risotto and vegetables. Good on cheeses.
      Petit Verdot
      South-eastern Sicily in the territory of San Michele di Ganzaria
      In steel at a temperature of 18-20° C
      4 months in tank – 4 months in bottle

Why the name Paracletus ?

The Paracleto Dop Red Wine of Sicily has a name that derives from the Greek παράκλητος "called near", passed by weight into Latin (paraclitus), and from here into Italian. In John, XIV, 16-17, the "Spirit of truth", that is, the "Holy Spirit", is called "paraclete".
We therefore wanted to give our Sicilian Paracleto Dop Red Wine a name that fully reflects it.

In fact, Paracletus means: comforter, who gives moral relief and pursues hope.

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6 Bottles of Paracleto Dop Red Wine from Sicily - Tenute Cuffaro


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