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6 Bottles of Marsala Superiore Dry Ambra som Doc of Sicily - Cantine Vinci

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Product description

Marsala Superiore Ambra Secco som Doc wine from Sicily

Packaging: 6 bottles of 0.75 liters

The Marsala Superiore Ambra Secco som Doc wine from Sicily has a fascinating history.

It is said that the English merchant John Woodhouse, in 1773, was looking for soda ash useful for the production of soap in England.

A storm forced him to dock in the port of Marsala and in a tavern he was literally conquered by the taste of the local wine.

Later, his business acumen pushed him to bring a supply of this wine to the United Kingdom with the addition of brandy for its preservation.

The success of Marsala was such that it also encouraged Lord Orazio Nelson to purchase large quantities of wine for the sailors of his "Home Fleet".

At Trafalgar, in 1805, Nelson also won Marsala, which from that day onwards became "The Victory Wine".

In 1806 another Englishman, Benjamin Ingham, arrived in Sicily looking for raw materials for his family's textile business.

And having also understood the great potential of Sicilian wine, he opened a cellar and began to successfully export the product to the Americas and distant Australia.

Close your eyes for a moment and let yourself be caressed by the wind and warmed by the sun, breathe the air that surrounds you, full of scents: that of the sea, of the Mediterranean vegetation, of the earth.

You can't go wrong....You are in Marsala, the "land of wine" where our Vino Marsala Superiore Ambra Secco som Doc di Sicilia is produced. No other Italian city can boast such a varied wine production.
With wit and foresight, the English who landed there in the 18th century noticed this well and immediately understood that something very similar to Spanish and Portuguese fortified wines could be obtained from the local grapes: that wine which later became famous throughout the world. with the name “Marsala”.

In this land so planted with vines, in 1997 our three families of winemakers decided to take over the “Cantine Vinci” brand, producer of the excellent Marsala Superiore Ambra Secco som Doc wine from Sicily, and thus to begin a new adventure which saw them as creators of transformation of its own grapes into wines of constant and undisputed quality.
Going from simple growers to winemakers was not easy, but the experience handed down from father to son for several generations served to make us understand from which bunches to obtain the best quality wine, what were the most suitable times for harvesting the grapes, such as soils that were able to best enhance the physiological and vegetative-productive properties of the different cultivars.

Producing valuable grapes has thus become the key principle from which to start to produce wines of excellent quality such as the Vino Marsala Superiore Ambra Secco som Doc di Sicilia.

Over time, wisdom, the willingness to learn and the goal of producing great wines have been recognized and rewarded. Thus today, the Vinci cellars can boast important recognitions obtained for the production of wines which, once tasted, can hardly be forgotten.


    • Grape varieties: Grillo (50%) and Catarratto (50%)
    • Production area: Marsala countryside (as per regulation 851 of 11/28/1984)
    • Training system: Espalier with Guyot pruning
    • Harvest period: August/September
    • Vinification: In stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature (25/26°C); once the base wine has been obtained, the "tanning" is carried out which consists in the addition of ethyl alcohol of wine origin, cooked must and mistella to the starting product so that it can acquire that organoleptic and sensorial complexity, typical of Marsala wine
    • Color: Intense amber with golden reflections
    • Smell: Intense and very complex, dominated by notes reminiscent of ripe white fruit in alcohol, walnuts, hazelnuts, bitter almonds and pine nuts; the bouquet is embellished with delicate hints of oak, vanilla and cinnamon
    • Taste: Dry, soft, velvety, with a pleasant return of the aromatic notes perceived on the nose
    • Alcohol content: 18% vol.
    • Residual sugar: 30 grams/litre
    • Aging in wood: Minimum 2 years in oak barrels
    • Bottle maturation: Minimum 3 months
    • Pairings: Classic dessert wine that pairs well with traditional ricotta and almond desserts from the island's pastries, dried fruit and medium-aged cheeses handcrafted in Sicily
    • Serving temperature: 14/16°C
    • Available bottle size: 750 ml

How to pair Marsala?

the Marsala Superiore Ambra Secco som Doc wine from Sicily is a meditation wine, to be enjoyed in a moment of relaxation.

Aperitif or dinner with friends also changes the combinations that the experts make.

So today Marsala is no longer combined only with classic pastries but also with goose liver and blue cheeses, in the semi-dry type, while the virgin type with smoked fish and mature cheeses.

There are also those who dare and suggest combining flavors such as pumpkin risotto, tripe soup and even the idea of ​​a very spicy suckling pig. Marsala therefore renews itself and also approaches young people.

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6 Bottles of Marsala Superiore Dry Ambra som Doc of Sicily - Cantine Vinci


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