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6 Bottles of Dream Sicilian Almond Wine - Cantine Vinci

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Product description

Dream Sicilian Almond Wine

Packaging: 6 bottles of 0.75 liters

Sogno Sicilian Almond Wine, dessert wine prepared with 80% Marsala Fine DOC

Ingredients : Marsala Fine DOC base wine, flavored and "tanned" with the addition of ethyl alcohol of wine origin, sucrose and natural Sicilian almond flavourings.

Our Sicilian Almond Wine Dream is a decidedly sweet wine, with an almond flavour, an excellent dessert wine that reveals itself as a true Mediterranean essence to sip.

Close your eyes for a moment and let yourself be caressed by the wind and warmed by the sun, breathe the air that surrounds you, full of scents: that of the sea, of the Mediterranean vegetation, of the earth.
You can't go wrong....You are in Marsala, the "land of wine", where our Sicilian Almond Wine Dream is produced. No other Italian city can boast such a varied wine production.


    • Grape varieties: Blend of native white grapes
    • Production area: Agro Marsala
    • Training system: Espalier with Guyot pruning
    • Harvest period: September
    • Vinification: In stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature (24/25°C); once the base wine has been obtained, the latter is flavored and "tanned" with the addition of ethyl alcohol of wine origin, sucrose and natural almond flavors
    • Conservation : Can be stored for several years. Even open, it maintains its organoleptic characteristics over time thanks to its alcohol content.
    • Color: Paper white
    • Smell: Intense, fragrant, characteristic and typical of almonds produced in Sicily
    • Taste: Decidedly sweet, full and harmonious, with great alcoholic depth, with a pleasant return of the aromatic hint of almond
    • Alcohol content: 16% vol.
    • Residual sugar: 200 grams/litre
    • Aging in wood: None
    • Bottle maturation: Minimum 1 month
    • Pairings: Particular dessert wine, excellent if drunk to accompany ice creams and dry almond desserts from Sicilian pastry shops; it is also an excellent ingredient for the preparation of desserts, ice cream, fruit salads and cocktails
    • Serving temperature: 8/10°C

History and Curiosities:

With wit and foresight, the English who landed there in the 18th century noticed this well and immediately understood that something very similar to Spanish and Portuguese fortified wines could be obtained from the local grapes: that wine which later became famous throughout the world. with the name “Marsala”.

In this land so planted with vines, in 1997 the three families of winemakers decided to take over the "Cantine Vinci" brand and thus begin a new adventure which saw them as the creators of the transformation of their own grapes into wines of constant and undisputed quality, like ours. Dream Sicilian Almond Wine.

Going from simple growers to winemakers was not easy, but the experience handed down from father to son for several generations served to make us understand from which bunches to obtain the best quality wine, what were the most suitable times for harvesting the grapes, such as soils that were able to best enhance the physiological and vegetative-productive properties of the different cultivars.

Producing valuable grapes has thus become the key principle from which to start producing wines of excellent quality, such as our Sogno Vino al Mandorla di Sicilia.

Over time, wisdom, the willingness to learn and the goal of producing great wines have been recognized and rewarded. Thus today, the Vinci cellars can boast important recognitions obtained for the production of wines which, once tasted, can hardly be forgotten.

Why the name "A Midsummer Night's Dream"?

The association with Shakespeare in the name of our wine, Sogno Vino alla Mandorla di Sicilia, is not entirely coincidental, since it presents itself as a sort of homage to the great English poet and playwright.

In fact, our territory owes due thanks to the English, who landed there towards the end of the 18th century and immediately understood that a "dream" wine could be made from local grapes, just like the Sogno Vino al Mandorla di Sicilia.

But there is more: Shakespeare's 1595 comedy , composed on the occasion of the solemn wedding celebration between members of the English aristocracy, is a real theorem on the life of men who chase each other and toil for love, who they fall in love and desire each other without explanation, who meet through a combination of circumstances. Precisely for this reason Sogno Vino alla Mandorla di Sicilia is a wine typically served at wedding banquets!

Now imagine tasting a glass of Sogno Vino al Mandorla di Sicilia by the sea, in the light of the moon and fireworks. A dream that becomes reality.

6 Bottles of Sogno Sicilian Almond Wine buy online on at the best price!

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6 Bottles of Dream Sicilian Almond Wine - Cantine Vinci


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