Bruschette Siciliane by GialloZafferano

Sicilian Bruschette by GialloZafferano

The GialloZafferano Blog has created this perfect recipe with our products for an aperitif with friends or as a starter for a lunch or dinner!

A delicious, impactful idea that can be made quickly and easily! What are you waiting for to recreate it?

Preparing these bruschettas takes little time and few ingredients.

This is where the secret to a perfect creation lies: knowing how to choose the right ingredients to give an intense flavor to your bruschetta!

... And don't worry about the ingredients: Emporio Sicilia will take care of getting them to your home ! But now let's see the recipe together:

Bruschette , as we know, are an Italian specialty much loved all over the world , thanks to their simplicity and the unique flavor that characterizes them.

In this recipe, we suggest you prepare bruschetta with our dried Sicilian tomatoes in oil , grated Parmigiano Reggiano and our Sicilian oregano , a delicious and tasty idea for an appetizing and quick-to-prepare aperitif or appetizer.

The intense flavor of dried tomatoes in oil pairs perfectly with the creaminess of Parmigiano Reggiano and the fragrance of oregano, all on a base of toasted homemade bread.

A simple recipe but with an extraordinary flavour, which will surely conquer the palates of your guests.

This bruschetta with dried Sicilian tomatoes in oil, grated Parmigiano Reggiano and oregano can be prepared even more simply and quickly using OUR READY-TO-RUN SEASONING Emporio Sicilia !

This condiment is made only with 100% Sicilian products: with fresh tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, enriched by the scent and flavor of basil.

To prepare the bruschetta, simply toast the bread and spread the tomato and basil sauce on the surface.

Then add the dried tomatoes in oil, the grated Parmigiano Reggiano and the oregano, and bake for a few minutes.

An even simpler and quicker version of this delicious bruschetta, which maintains the authentic and genuine flavor of Sicilian products.

Give vent to your creativity with our products that you can conveniently purchase on our site:

... Enjoy your meal!


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Bruschette Siciliane by GialloZafferano

Sicilian Bruschette by GialloZafferano

The GialloZafferano Blog has created this perfect recipe with our products for an aperitif with friends or as a starter...
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